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Wind Turbine Control

Wind Turbine Control

EMCORE’s Systron Donnner Inertial quartz MEMS QRS14 and Horizon gyroscopes, and EMCORE-HawkeyeTM Fiber Optic Gyros provide a highly miniaturized, rugged package solution for use in wind turbines where inertia measurement and control are essential to the effective operation of condition monitoring systems (CMS) and the resulting energy capture efficiency of the turbines themselves. Theses devices provide excellent vibration performance, are highly reliable with long life characteristics and ideally suited for use in remote turbine locations. Detection of angular position and acceleration of turbine blades, including control of blade-pitch, are excellent examples how these sensors contribute.

Critical to Customer Requirements:

Small, Rugged Design
Superior Vibration Performance
High Reliability, Long Life
High Accuracy Angular/Acceleration Position Detection
Durable For Remote Locations

Relevant Products

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