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Platform Stabilization

Platform Stabilization

EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial Quartz MEMS MotionPak® couples high performance gyroscopes and accelerometers to provide a true 6DoF self-contained sensing system. Our SDI510 Tactical IMU, which introduces unprecedented low angle random walk values, and SDG1400 inertial gyroscopes and EMCORE-HawkeyeTM Fiber Optic Gyros provide highly accurate solutions for platform stabilization where outstanding bias stability is essential in such applications as offshore oil rigs, antennas, and optical line-of-sight systems. These evolving designs also provide excellent vibration performance, are lightweight and packaged in the industry’s smallest footprint and volume configurations.

Critical to Customer Requirements:

Outstanding Bias Stability
High Reliability, Long Life
Self-Contained Systems
Compact, Rugged Design
Solid State, Internal Electronics

Relevant Products

MotionPak Multi-Axis Inertial Sensing System
SDD3000 Single-Axis Precision Digital Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)
HZ1 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)
SDG500 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)
SDI500 Tactical Grade IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
EMCORE-HawkeyeTM EG-120 Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)
EMCORE-HawkeyeTM EG-200 Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)
EMCORE HawkeyeTM EG-1300 Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)